Set + Costume Designer | Southwark Playhouse, May 2015 | Written by Jessica Sian, Directed by Chelsea Walker, Lighting by Jamie Platt + Photography by Richard Lakos

A subtle metaphor for the equality to which South Africa’s democracy still aspires, director Chelsea Walker’s gives Klippies terrific style, bathing it in vivid primary colours and a musical blast of rap rave / London Grip

There’s an admirable rawness to Chelsea Walker’s production that feels entirely appropriate for a story so concerned with youth. The pulsing beats of rap/rave combo Die Antwoord punctuate scenes as Samantha Colley’s Yolandi and Adelayo Adedayo’s Thandi add or remove layers of clothing in front of us, the cigarettes they love to share are stubbed out in the sand collected around the edges of Holly Pigott’s set / Ought To Be Clowns